LYSA Photos 6/3 Now Posted

Link for the FREE, low-resolution headshots.  Good for social media. Not for printing or buying.  CLICK HERE FOR LOW RES

Link for full-resolution headshots: CLICK HERE FOR HEADSHOTS

Link for full-resolution teamshots: CLICK HERE FOR TEAMSHOTS

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 12.44.26 PM.png

Few notes:

There are suggested products when you click “buy”, but click “see all products” on the bottom of the list for more choices. There is an additional shipping cost on all prints.  “Memory Mate” is similar to the composite- head shot & team shot together in one photo.  Trader Cards- don’t forget to personalize front & back.  Teamshots, we posted almost all of them- so pick which one you prefer among the choices.  All photos can be cropped when ordered.  All orders must be approved by ALM- so it might take a few minutes or hours to get a confirmation email.  We like to make sure everything is optimized (for example- cropping is correct).  Thank you!!

IMPORTANT: If you purchased a print at the event, we will be processing the orders and you should expect it shipped to the address given- in about 2 weeks.

text questions to: 1-631-949-9997  email:

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